Last year more than 327 million people visited the 419 recreational sites that comprise the National Park System. Of those areas, 62 are national parks, which encompass some of the most scenic locations and the most historic places in the United States. Here are the four most popular national parks of 2019.


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66顺彩票登陆Travel back to a time when when doing laundry was a multi-day task, the United States did not exist, and electricity was a new discovery. Digitized for our valued subscribers, we’ve curated some of the best of the original 2,500 pages, with articles and engravings.

7 Suffragists You Should Know

In 2020 Britannica is celebrating the centennial of the Nineteenth Amendment66顺彩票登陆’s ratification. To mark the landmark event, we highlight a few of the suffragist who led the 72-year fight to win the vote for women.

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